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'olelo hawai'i / hawaiian language



These links will direct you to some of the internets best

'olelo sites avaiable on the web! Enjoy your visit with

our Hawaiian speaking friends...


We encourage Hawaiians & Haumana's to explore these sites & develop

your Hawaiian vocabulary. Even if it's your first time.

Learn the language of  the people of Hawai'i.


**Classes Scheduled**

Every Saturday & Sunday 9:00am - 1:00pm

at East Balboa Park. Morley Field

[ Beginners / Intermediate  *Girls/ Ladies 5yrs & Older ]

Find Us Here >>

We're available for Shows -Parties - Events - Luau's!


Contact Liana Iona... Ph # (619) 501 - 4022

Hula / Info Email us...



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