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Halau Hula Na Lei 'O Liana under the direction of Auntie Liana Iona, As known to

her haumana(students). Liana has 30 some years of experience in hula, mele & entertainment.

Liana, has danced under the direction of co-founder of the well known hula competition,

"The Merrie Monarch." Uncle George Naope. She has also danced for another

well known kumu, Ray Fonseca. Liana continues to work with her long time hula

sister and dear friend, Another kumu, Nahoku Gaspang. Na Lei 'O Liana, Formerly

"Na Olapa 'Onahoku'okalani ekahi" was named after her dearest hula sister Nahoku.

Nahoku has decided to remain in Hawai'i to open Na 'Olapa'Onahoku'okalani elua.

Liana wanted to return the name to her sister Nahoku, for it was her name to

start with. Liana thought her Halau should represent her mana'o and thus the

name change, Na Lei 'O Liana. Nahoku has been, & continues to be a great

inspiration & resource to Na Lei 'O Liana. Liana is a kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiian)

now residing in beautiful San Diego. Liana has many years of experince with hula, mele

& entertaining under her grass skirt. She cherishes the culture of her ancestors

and wants to pass it on. She believes in keeping the spirit of Hawai'i alive. One day

her students will do the same. The treasure of Hawai'i & the Aloha spirit

will live on,  In Hawai'i & abroad. Her Mission, To pass on the history of hula, And not

 the glamour of entertainment. The entertainment is a reward to her students for all

their hard work, discipline, & the mana'o she passes on to them. To see their accomplishments

is her greatest joy!


*Hula Proverb of the day* 

"When one wants to dance the hula, Bashfulness should be left at home. "


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